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Additional Notes

- For Saturday delivery (0001 thru 2359), 50% is added to base rates.
- For delivery on Sundays (0001 thru Monday 0500) and legal holidays, 100% is added to base rates.
- An additional .05 cents per pound is added for each pound over 50 pounds.
- A fuel surcharge is currently in effect.

- Waiting time assessed at $25.00 per hour, first 15 minutes free, one hour minimum.

- All expos, inside deliveries, COD's and private residences will have a $15.00 surcharge ($30.00 for McCormick Place.)
- $10.00 charge for each additional airport drop/recovery or paperwork stop.

- Value of all shipments to be limited to $100.00 unless arrangements of higher declared value are specified and paid for. Fuel surcharges may apply.

- LONG DISTANCE - All 48 states and Canada - Cargo Vans only $1.40 per mile. All quotes will be given per P.C. Miler latest version.

All quotes subject to change under the circumstances leading to, waiting times, weight changes, ready times, weekend surcharges, undeliverable or unretrievable freight.

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